Friday, 2 June 2017

Real Awareness

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There are age-old misconceptions in that:

(A) If you have an hearing aid you can hear, even with relentless background noise, and people who whisper 100 yards away.

(B) If you can speak, you don't have hearing loss. Speech equals hearing. Play dumb, or look it.

(C) If you have a pair of glasses you can see everything, even with a glass eye.

(D) A CI replaces the ear, and can pick up CNN on a good day...

(E) You lip-read so can understand everyone who speaks to you, even those in the next room with their back to you... and despite abandoning the tuition course after an hour...

(F) Everyone deaf uses sign language.   Especially those in a deaf club, and despite ability and skills varying from 15% to 40% everyone can follow everyone else.. Who is to know differently ?

The key here is they are all ASSISTS to the affected sense, NOT a replacement for them, reliability never is guaranteed, and effectiveness varies area by area, person by person, and situation by situation.

Let's face it, we aint got a clue what goes on really...

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