Friday, 16 June 2017

Disaster or Not ?

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The awful fire that resulted in a  total wipe out of a London Tower block, and caused many deaths, starts to raise all manner of issues regarding preventing tragedy happening, sadly it is all retrospective and hindsight, and mostly too late.

One major complaint is that when tower block residents warned their Local Authority in London, the cladding on the building being cosmetic, and the lack of fire prevention systems posed a serious danger to residents, but they were prevented taking the Local Authority to court because legal aid had been withdrawn, which in the past allowed people without financial means, were then able to take action through the courts.

One poster responded:  

"Our hearts go out to those who have suffered through this devastating fire.  Cuts to legal aid were applied everywhere not just to protest groups, or those seeking safety at home or work. E.G. disabled, elderly, et al were denied legal aid, and still are. 

If we had legal aid we could have forced care to be effective, the NHS better funded, made our homes safer, forced a decent wage through, few would be homeless, and stopped the swinging assaults and cuts on disabled welfare and support care,  that resulted in 3,600 people dead before their time. 

That is 35 TIMES the estimated London tower block deaths. The UK government was censured by the Human Rights court in the Hague and still carried on, no-one said a thing. When is a disaster not a disaster ?  What form does it have to take ?"

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